New Server

I’ve finally built the new server — this time with RAID 1 disk mirroring as promised! Actually, I just rebuilt the old (the server that ran out of my San Francisco apartment February 2004 – May 2005), this time running Ubuntu Server and making use of that second SATA hard drive that I always intended to integrate. I’m particularly happy with Ubuntu. The install was remarkably smooth, and I’m excited to have the manageability of a Debian derivative combined with the up-to-date software provided by Ubuntu’s six-month release cycle.

Last week I drove the new server over to the colocation facilities at IgLou Internet Services and got it up on the Net. So far I’ve migrated DNS, Gallery and Kid Amnesiac to the new server. A first attempt at migrating Squirrelmail had some bumps, so I’ve backed off for a few days. Mail, user accounts and the remainder of the web site will follow shortly.

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